Antique Light Console

Large bronze cups with unique design, are engraved and colored by hand. As if suspended, these satellites orbiting in a glowing planetary system, are ornamenting the front of this console with red lacquered top.


Height : 900 mm

Width : 1800 mm

Depth : 350 mm


Antique Light Full Screen

Hammered structure made in wrought iron is ornated with bronze studs, with a unique design. Each panel, engraved by hand, is describing a golden hair wave. Feet in wrought iron have a pyramidal shape strata.


Height : 1950 mm

Width : 2480 mm

Depth : 15 mm

Width middle panel : 1250 mm

Antique Light Coffee Table

The structure, textured in wrought iron, is ornated with polished bronze studs, having a unique design. The  shining bronze top , engraved by hand, is describing  golden ondulations . Its frame in bronze is dark patinated. 


Height : 450 mm

Width : 1240 mm

Depth : 640 mm