Franck Chartrain is a passionate artist who creates furniture and art objects in metal. To create, Franck becomes one with the material that he converts, sculpts and brings to life unique pieces that are situated between two worlds: art and decoration. Trained by the Compagnons du Devoir, Franck Chartrain has been an ironworker for over 30 years. Approved by the Lalanne couple, the designer launches Franck Chartrain Collection, a line of furniture and sculptures that represents over 15 years of creation. A collection developed with his wife Angélique, in which he modernizes and breaks down the craft of ironwork with audacity. From the first sketch to the creation of exclusive textures and patinas, Franck is involved in all stages of manufacturing.

To date, Franck Chartrain's pieces have been sold for Cartier boutiques in the United States, for the Boucheron boutique in Paris via the PYR agency, to furnish a duplex in Paris (more than 10 pieces), a chalet in Aspen as well as private residences in New York, Canada and Italy.

Above left: Franck and Angélique Chartrain. Right: bronze screen Astres, polished with a light patina.

Astres tables in bronze. Tapered legs in textured steel branches. @Chartrain Collection


   Based on his strong training, Franck Chartrain is able to realize his own pieces transmitting remarkable savoir-faire to his team. Beginning with the initial sketch, esthetical drawings, and study of all the technical aspects, assembly, textures and patina, each piece will exclusively represents the Franck Chartrain Collection. It requires Franck's expertise, and his knack for design to invest the piece with remarkable personality through the craftsmanship gesture.


   Each piece from the Franck Chartrain Collection is demonstrating a virtuosity of realization in the tradition of art furniture's great masters.