Forge Ruban Chair

Two soft metal ribbons bulge and stretch, tapering and bending, to give life to the profile of the chair. Rivets will allow to gather them to create the seat. This impression of flexibility of the structure with curved movements standing still through the time, leaves a feeling of material easy to handle, tamed by expert hands which shows it flexible and light.


Height : 960 mm

Width : 470 mm

Depth : 625 mm

18,9 Kg

Forge Branche Chair

Tapered metal sticks at the forge constitute the frame of the chair, assembled with rivets. The back is outlined in the form of two arched horns. The simplicity of the design combined with the raw beauty of the texture gives the chair a sober and refined elegance.


Height : 905 mm

Width : 470 mm

Depth : 520 mm

14 Kg

Forge Boucle Chair

An undulating backrest, carved hot forging, accommodates two worked feet, each in a single piece of metal. Their assembly is done by rivets. The sleek and flexible design asserts a contemporary signature with a curved opening and a termination of the feet in the form of loops stretched as if the iron was tapering in the air. 


Height : 915 mm

Width : 455 mm

Depth : 580 mm

17,8 Kg

Forge Curulis Seat

Stool entirely made in wrought iron on large sections and assembled with forged rivets. Seat in thick leather.


Length : 460 mm

Width : 470 mm

Height : 460 mm

Forge Coffee Table

100% forge made, this table enlights what Franck considers the most in iron work. The base is made of two forged sections shaped in ribbons and volutes. The pieces are assembled with hand-made collars. 


Length : 520 mm

Width : 1140 mm

Height : 520 mm

37 Kg



Here is the supreme star that illuminates our entire planet, radiates into the lives of men whose hearts are filled with joy, and allows the vital functions of the organism. Celestial food, invisible to body and mind, it is nevertheless essential to Human. Thanks to this sculpture, one can be dazzled by the light and beauty of this star but have the ability to look at it, to admire it, to face it. The positive star of the sun is thus sculpted, the one from which we can enjoy the power without it consuming us... the Benevolent one. This is how Franck wants to conceive the sun, without looking away. This sun gives himself to us and fills our lives with happiness forever... generous and beloved, like his son Helios, named after the sun god in Greek, the star of his universe, the fire of his forge, the eternal source of vital energy for his existence, for whom he will remain proud forever, his son, his sun... while Franck Chartrain’s Human, with his refined, angular and chiseled silhouette, is dug, hollowed out, dehydrated. His body is sheared by an environment that he has not sufficiently respected. 



Forge Static Equilibrium

The flexible and modular appearance of each steel cube that forms the base of these candleholders gives them an unstable aesthetic, balanced in space, whose crushed stacking seems destined to be dismantled.



Shaped and textured hot iron cubes are shaped into each other to form a candleholder.


Length : 175 mm

Width : 70 mm

Height : 70 mm 

The 4 Elements
Iron work is made from the forge. The metal is extracted from the soil, shaped after being heated up in the hearth’s fire of the forge, fanned by the air of the bellows which overhanging the forge in the past. The final touch is quenching in the forge water tank that allows the iron to stabilize in its terminal structure. Thus, with the 4 elements, the Ironworker Sculptor had to pay tribute to the elements that fascinate him and are parts of his work. 

Sculpture 1 : Earth 

reference : fo-061


A man with no face, is overhanging the Earth from his tall silhouette, remaining upright, dominant, emaciated, hidden under his coat which isolates him from the environment. He is like a specter announcing the matricide of the planet. This time, the striated blades of steel are getting flexible. Crushed by the Human feet, they surge out in raising welcoming, to kindly embrace the man from both side. As if the Human being would be the missing link to close the circle of life, he is arising from the circle's break itself. These halos of metal are also the symbol of the nourishing Earth that remains at our side, in the unspeakable, to protect us and lift us up when we flounder.


Height 475 mm

Width 320 mm

Depth 125 mm


Sculpture 2 : Fire 

reference : fo-062


Different sections of metal flames are interweaving in perspective. Their rough forging finish integrates them perfectly into the symbolism of the element which is shaping them. As if purified by fire, they rush forward, smooth and shimmering, but screaming of truth.


Height 545 mm

Width 175 mm

Depth 120 mm


Sculpture 3 : Air

reference : fo-063


Following their aerial design, the Hand-forged textured steel bars give an impression of lightness and flying in the air. The technicity provided to the metal gives a sensation of fluidity and movement in the air.


Height 725 mm

Width 300 mm

Depth 120 mm


Sculpture 4 : Water 

reference : fo-064


Forge-textured steel blades are springing out from a striated metal base, like a source that releases streams of living water from its heart.


Height 670 mm

Width 210 mm

Depth 125 mm